We have lots of good advice to give because our children never took any of it

March 23, 2016

“We tell everyone there is 140 years of experience between us. I am 100 and she is 40. I have had a facelift and she needs one. That is our spiel.”

“We have lots of good advice to give because our children never took any of it. We are full of it.”

“We have been doing this almost 4 years. We are here 2 hours a day, 2 days a week. It is a good way to get to know people.”

“It starts as a joke. People point at us and laugh and say, ‘Aren’t they cute?’ They sit down and after they draw the inner peace or inner wisdom card and read it out loud, they start to settle down.”

“Do you know you are worthwhile? God created you and there is only one you in the whole universe. You don’t have to be anything, you were born and that’s a gift to the world.”

“Sacrifice is from the Latin word sacred. To make a sacrifice is to receive a gift. Making a sacrifice is letting go of something important as you become more responsible.”

“This started when we had a meeting with Karin Wilson and some other women at Page and Palette. A friend stopped by asked what we were doing and I said, “Any time a group of women get together, we can solve the problems of the world.”

“I added, “If we can’t solve the problems of the world, we can solve the problems of Fairhope.”

“Before we knew it, Karin had built us the booth and we started this the next week. Our first customer was a psychiatrist and he offered us a job.”

“Each person picks from the stack of virtue cards. We believe that a lot of times the virtue card is picked by God. It is what you needed to hear that day. It has happened many times. We love this and it is very humbling. They pretend they aren’t suffering, but we can see through that. We have gotten good at reading body cues and paying attention. It starts with a superficial question for advice, but once they trust us, they ask a real question. There is so much heartache out there.”

“It is a God moment for people whatever they believe, and we honor what they believe. We feel like we are helping people, that’s why we do this.”

“I never pictured me sitting in a booth giving advice, but we listen and take our own advice too. We have grown from doing this.”


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