We lost so much that night

March 30, 2023

“My mother and sister live in Silver City. I work in construction and stay close by in Belzoni, but Silver City is home. I saw the storm coming on the news and called my mom. They were in the back closet, and I heard their screams as the tornado went through the house. A tree fell on the roof and broke half of it.

After the tornado passed, I drove straight to Silver City. It was so dark that I couldn’t see anything. A group of us went from house to house pulling people out. A couple of folks didn’t make it. We lost so much last night. It’s bad.

My grandma gave me a piano when I was little, and the first song I learned how to play was ‘Lean on Me.’ I fell in love with music and kept playing by ear. My piano was in the front room of the house, but it’s busted now. I’m going to miss playing.

I have seen tragedy before. You have to keep going and keep moving.”

Last Friday night, a tornado plowed through Mississippi, destroying much of Rolling Fork and Silver City. These small Delta towns are 30 miles north of my hometown of Yazoo City, and I often drive through this area when I go home. I went to Silver City on Saturday to help share their stories.

Here are two ways to help residents of Silver City:
Donate to the GoFundMe set up by Camille Rogers, an Alderman in Silver City

Donate to the fund for Silver City set up at Guaranty Bank in Belzoni.
Silver City Relief Fund
Guaranty Bank
P.O. Box 657
Belzoni, MS 39038-0657


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