We want to bring friends and family together

May 15, 2022

Kaleb:  I am 18 and graduating from Baker High School. I had stopped being as imaginative and creative and got bored, but COVID helped me think outside the box and do something different in Mobile.  I have a photography business, but there are a lot of photographers here. I am into interior design and saw the idea for creating picnics on TikTok. No one else was doing it here. 

I started Make It Magical Luxury Picnics with my best friend, Zion. We built the picnic table ourselves and are just starting our business. We set up the picnic, and can pick up the food and bring games. We want to bring friends and family together. 

Zion and I also work at Chic-Fil-A.  I come from an entrepreneur family. My dad is a realtor. He also flips houses, and I get to help with that. My mom owns a salon in Saraland. Our parents are our biggest supporters. They show me that whatever you dream of, you can make it happen and enjoy doing it. 

Zion: I’m 17 and will be a senior next year. My parents are glad I am out doing this and not staying in the house and playing video games. As a kid, I loved running around barefoot in the grass with my cousins. I hope we can help people create their own good memories.  We have add-ons with a painting picnic, or bring kites and games for kids. 

By us doing something small like this in our hometown, I hope it inspires other people to start their own business or follow their own dreams.


  1. Jeremiah Woolsey

    Thank you for your kindness and selflessness. We need more people on the planet with your heart and soul.

  2. Christy

    This is AWESOME! I’m proud to see our students doing such wonderful things in our community. What a creative and classy idea in bringing families and friends together:-) Go Baker Hornets!

  3. Fola

    How does one find/book them?

    • Lynn Oldshue

      I am so sorry I am just replying to this. Here is their number.
      (251) 321-6588


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