Who wouldn’t want to let their dogs loose and drink beer?

May 30, 2020

“I got married and last year and moved to Chattanooga for my husband’s job. My dad went with us to the dog park. He said Mobile needs this and started looking for a property as soon as he left. That was in August or September. He found the Haint Blue Brewing Company building and we turned it into BrewHounds where you can have a beer and relax while your dog is off-leash. We want this to be a relaxing place to have a good time. We even have turf in the play area so there are no muddy paws after the rain.

Last year was my first year to be a teacher and I taught second grade. I am just here for the summer to help my dad. My husband comes down on the weekends to help. Being back here makes me realize how much I have missed Mobile and the sense of community. It has been good working with my dad and we have grown closer. He puts a lot on me, but I can handle it. I have his support and knowledge of business. I hope to move back and start a family. I want my kids to grow up here.

My mom passed away from ovarian cancer in October of 2018. I graduated from college and moved home to be her caretaker. I did everything for her and it was a special time, but the aftermath was hard. She was the backbone of our family. She wasn’t there for my wedding and I had to plan it myself. Her dog lives with me and he is a part of her that I still have. I wish she was here to see this. Her mural is on the wall with the other murals by Abe Partridge. He included ‘The Sun Shined Brighter Because She Was Here’ that is on her headstone.”

“I selfishly hope BrewHounds brings Meghan back to Mobile. My family has been here for a long time. They are the Fairhope Gastons and my great grandfather owned Gaston Meats on Dauphin Street. I own Infinity Homes, but it has been hard since Linda died. We were married for 27 years. There was so much that reminded me of her and I started getting tired of building. My son came in and started helping out a lot. I semi-retired and thought a dog park would be fun. Who wouldn’t want to let their dogs loose and drink beer? This is a lot more work than I expected. The city of Mobile also makes it hard to open a business. I am working more hours now than I did as a homebuilder in the last ten years, but it will be worth it. I see us opening more BrewHounds in Alabama and across the coast.

We are excited to bring something new to Mobile, but we also want to be a part of the community. Some older people who live in the neighborhood around us and the folks at the Ice Box help them with chores or little projects they can’t do. We want to be a part of that. In the mornings before we open, we want the rescue organizations to exercise their dogs here or the police to use this for dog training. We will have a wall with pictures of dogs available for adoption. We are doing a blood drive with Ice Box on June 17. They are offering a free pint for a pint of blood and we are offering a free day pass.

It has been a hard couple of years without Linda. Our family is starting second and third chapters, working together, and finding ways to give back. Linda would have loved to have been a part of this.”


(Today is the grand opening of BrewHounds. There is a ribbon-cutting at 10:30 a.m., live music, food trucks, pet photography and door prizes. The Animal Rescue Foundation also will be on hand with several dogs available for adoption. They have day passes, monthly and annual memberships. Any dog over 1-year-old must be spayed or neutered, and proof of vaccination must be presented).


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